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These Blueberry Lemon and Cucumber Gin Mojitos are the perfect spring or summer libation! They’re fresh, fruity, and simple to curate.
Hey there, Killing Thyme readers! It’s so nice to *e-meet* you. I’m thrilled to be sharing the recipe for my Blueberry Lemon and Cucumber Gin Mojitos with you today! First things first, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Justine Celina Maguire and I blog over at, a creative lifestyle blog. Over the past year and 5 months I’ve been blogging, JustineCelina has become a hub of curated content covering a variety of topics including lifestyle, beauty, fashion, food, entertaining, music, design and DIY. I’m passionate about creating in every area of my life and sharing it — it’s been a wild ride and I’m so grateful to be able to connect with like-minded people (like Dana and all of you!) through this amazing platform. I hope you’ll stop by sometime to see what else I’m up to!
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Blueberry Lemon and Cucumber Gin Mojitos

These Blueberry Lemon and Cucumber Gin Mojitos are the perfect spring or summer libation! They're fresh, fruity, and simple to curate.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 1 drink
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Blueberry Honey Simple Syrup

  • 4 cups fresh blueberries
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • Juice from half a lemon

For the Mojito

  • 2 oz of gin
  • 1.5 oz Blueberry Honey Simple Syrup
  • Juice from half a lemon
  • 5 leaves fresh mint
  • 5 slices of cucumber
  • Soda water
  • Ice


  • If you’re making floral ice cubes, begin by sourcing your flowers, washing them and dropping them into the ice cube trays to freeze. You really can’t mess this up — so experiment with different flower place- ments within each cube and have fun with it!
  • Start on your Blueberry Honey Simple Syrup. Add blueberries and water to a medium sauce pan over low heat. The blueberries will begin to break down quickly — help them along by pressing them with a potato masher to aid in extracting the juices. Simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Strain the blueberry juice into a heatproof bowl, using the potato masher press the juice through the strainer. Reserve the juice for the Blueberry Honey Simple Syrup and discard the skins.
  • Add the blueberry juice and honey back to the saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and allow to thicken for 10 minutes.
  • Turn off the burner. Add the juice from half a lemon to your saucepan, stirring until incorporated. Allow your Blueberry Honey Simple Syrup to cool before using it in the Blueberry Lemon and Cucumber Gin Mojitos.
  • Begin assembling your cocktail by adding lemon juice, mint and cucumber to a cocktail shaker and muddling them together with a pestle. Add Blueberry Honey Simple Syrup and a few ice cubes. Shake vigorously until the cocktail shaker becomes cold.
  • Add the contents of the cocktail shaker to your glass along with your gin. Pour soda water overtop to fill your glass to the desired level.
  • Garnish your Blueberry Lemon and Cucumber Gin Mojito with a slice of lemon and a few blueberries on a cocktail skewer.
  • Add a sprig of mint, or a few more edible flowers and enjoy!
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  1. The colour of these drinks is gorgeous and they sound delicious, too. I especially love the sweet pansy ice cubes – a pretty touch.

  2. I love gin but, like you, I wasn’t a fan when I was younger. Now gin is my favourite and, when I go out, I only pick the cocktails with it. Funny how our tastebuds change!

    1. I’m totally on the gin now, Janice! It’s so funny that you mention being drawn to gin cocktails when you’re out, because they’ve really appealing to me this summer too! Cheers.

  3. That is a GORGEOUS drink! I would love to do something like this for when I host my annual mothers day brunch, so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! These would be a fantastic Mother’s Day brunch cocktail — you could even reduce the gin to 1 oz (or not — I’m certainly not going to judge you, haha!). Cheers!

    2. Melissa, this would make a perfect Mother’s Day brunch cocktail — you could even reduce the amount of gin to 1oz (or not — I’m certainly not going to judge you!). ;) Cheers!

  4. Justine, you never fail to impress (and Dana – great job on the collab)! It’s a gorgeous drink, and I’m picturing just how wonderful the flavours would be together. You’ve got a real mixological (is that a word?) touch. I too am a big gin fan (especially when the botanicals get on the creative side). Gin and blueberries are a great combination, not only because of their flavour, but because of the complimentary nature of their biochemistry – gin has terpenoid compounds that amplify some of those fleeting raw blueberry flavours that are so difficult to capture. ANYWAY, nerd nerd nerd, but it’s called mixology right? It’s fun to put the ‘ology’ in there! Cheers!!

    1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment, Sean! I remember you mentioned how complimentary blueberries and gin are — thanks for helping to educate Dana’s readers about mixology. Admittedly, it’s not something I know a lot about myself — I just know when something works! ;) Did you mention a book you like to learn more? If not, do you have one? I’d love to learn more, as well as explore some more artisinal gin. Any recommendations appreciated, my friend. Cheers!

    1. Thanks, Simon. The floral ice cubes are so simple to create and definitely bring the WOW factor. They’re also a great way to preserve summer blooms for the cooler months. Cheers!

  5. Further proof that inspiration for some of the great cocktail creations come from what you find available around you. Love the purple hue. Cheers!

  6. Hey Justine!! Nice to see you over here at Killing Thyme! These are so stunningly beautiful….I know what I am drinking this weekend!!

    1. Thanks, Koko! If you try them I’d love your feedback. I still have some of this Blueberry Honey Simple Syrup so I may whip another batch up myself. Cheers!

  7. Dana, thank you so much for this guest posting opportunity! I’m so glad we’ve been able to connect through FBC. Thanks for being a great blogging chum and oneof my biggest cheerleaders! I look forward to more collaborative work in the future. Cheers, girl!