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Coconut Thai Iced Tea Ice Pops

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Ok so listen. I don’t do dessert-y type things often. But these Coconut Thai Iced Tea Ice Pops? They’re worth blogging about.

They’re also about to become incredibly necessary because today, as you may already know, is the first day of summer—even though most of us have been experiencing scorchers for weeks now. (I’m looking at everyone here with me in the hot and sticky South.)

In the dead of summer, it’s not even about having dessert anymore; it’s about having something to help you cool off and hey, it might as well be tasty.

But! Before you reach for those sugar-packed pops at the store, I want to put these naturally-sweetened treats on your radar. Think black tea infused with lemongrass, cool and creamy coconut milk, and honey… Continue Reading…