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Baked Crab Mac and Cheese

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When I was in grade school, eating mac and cheese meant ripping that familiar blue box open and arguing with family members over whether or not you should add that suggested splash of milk at the end. (The answer is no, obviously. Never. Only butter.)

In college, eating mac and cheese still meant ripping that familiar blue box open. Except this time, I’m eating the box myself, and I’m eating the artificially cheesy and buttery mac straight from the pot.

Today, eating mac and cheese means carefully selecting cheeses from the fancy cheese counter, making a roux, turning the roux into a béchamel, and turning the béchamel into a gloriously thick and velvety cheese sauce.

Sometimes I leave it as is.

Sometimes I kick it up with jalapeños.

And sometimes I add sweet n’ juicy lumps of Dungeness crab.

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