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Southwestern Sweet Potato Quinoa Burger

This recipe is sponsored by Rojo’s | Opinions are my own

I’m just going to cut to the chase: if you’re not smothering your burger with Rojo’s Queso Blanco Dip With Green Chile, you’re not really living. Or maybe you like boring burgers. Or maybe you haven’t thought about it! But now that it’s in your head…

I was initially going to kick this post off with a “leftovers” angle. You know, “Not sure what to do with that leftover dip after your party this weekend? Slather it onto a burger!”

But! After dunking countless tortilla chips into this good stuff throughout my photo shoot for this post, I don’t suspect there’s ever anything leftover. This dip is just too tasty and easy to mow down! But I do encourage you to buy some for the sake of using it as a condiment sometime.

More specifically, this sweet and smokey veg burger.

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