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Healing Quinoa Vegetable Soup

This Healing Quinoa Vegetable Soup was necessary on so many levels.

It’s been a daunting month in my tightly-knit circle of friends. Since the beginning of November, we’ve experienced two cancer scares and an auto-immune disorder diagnosis. And behind all of the words of encouragement and support, stress levels were at an all-time high.

Overall, we’re healthy people. We run; we exercise regularly; we eat smart; and we take care in nourishing our bodies. To say that it all felt like a cruel joke would be an understatement.

But shit got real.

Because I’m basically Wolverine, I’m recovering really well from a surgery I had last week, and self-care + taking care of my people is priority. In order to boost my healing and help a gal pal out with her recent RA diagnosis, I wanted to make a mega batch of wholesome soup brimming with nourishment and anti-inflammatory foods.

You know, in a feelgood eat your veggies + build your immune system kind of way.

Not in a hippy hoodoo anti-medicine kind of way.

Just to clarify.

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