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About the blog.

Killing Thyme focuses on heart-healthy recipes and overall wellbeing… with a much-needed splash of #treatyoself here and there to balance things out.

This space was previously centered around the pescetarian diet. If that’s what brought you here in the first place, don’t fret. Despite the fact that I’ll be bringing poultry to the table on occasion, my lifestyle still concentrates heavily on seafood and veggies.

It’s just that I’m very much done with labels.

With wanting to start a family this year, I decided a few months ago that I’d phase poultry back into my diet for an extra punch of protein since fish consumption has to be held to a minimum while pregnant.

As a result, I felt guilty and ashamed. I feared that friends would question me when out to dinner. Omg you’re eating chicken? Are you no longer pescetarian? Why? DID YOU STOP CARING ABOUT ANIMALS?

And then I realized that a) my friends aren’t dicks and would never question me about it, and b) living a labelled lifestyle that makes me feel ashamed to make a decision for my own health is bullshit and I want no part in it.

What’s really important.

Eat well. Stay informed. Know where your food comes from. Buy sustainably when you can. Support local, happy, and humane farms. Talk to your butchers and fishmongers. Make wise decisions. Be happy.

My 80/20 rule. Forever and always.

My blog reflects 80% of my lifestyle; the other 20%, where I’m stuffing greasy pizza into my pie hole and making my chicken wings nosedive into a vat of blue cheese, isn’t all that blog-worthy. BUT. I don’t believe in food shaming, and I too can be found shamelessly eating an entire box of radioactive orange mac and cheese straight out of the pot some days.

I don’t want the content of this blog to paint me as some glowing dewy-skinned free-spirit who has it all together (not that I even come close to appearing that way). I just want you to know that despite my excitement over putting a healthier spin on things, I’m not here to tell you how to eat.

I’m just here to nudge you with some alluring ideas and hopefully, at some point, make you laugh and feel good.

Welcome to moderation. It’s a happy place.

ABOUT page

Behind the blog.

I’m Dana; a coffee-reliant food writer + blogger with a healthy appetite, a taste for culinary adventure, a thirst for good beers and an endless hunger for food photography. I’m exuberant, unswerving, funny, and loving… with a sparkling dash of misanthropy.

I grew up in Canada and recently relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. My maple syrup blood can hardly handle the hot and sticky summer, but my heart loves the vibe here and I’ve never been happier.

I’m a total sucker for bottle shops, craft breweries, Angry Orchard ciders, DuClaw porters, animals (especially cats; especially my cat, Tilly), outer space, East and Southeast Asian cuisine, synthwave/vaporwave, everything 80s/90s, and I may or may not indulge in some competitive Overwatch in my free time.

My three favorite words in the entire world are, “the pizza’s here!”