Who I am.

Hello! I’m Dana. Welcome to my food-centric space on the Internet where I share parts of myself, my passions and, of course, the FOOD I create.

Just a friendly reminder that this is a recipe blog, not a quick-glance recipe site. That means you get WORDS with my recipes—sometimes about the recipe, sometimes about myself; I like connecting with my readers and this is the space in which I get to do that best.

Just here for the recipes? No problem! The “Jump to Recipe” button at the beginning of each post will save you from scrolling ;)

My background.

I’m a mixed bag, to say the least. I’m a journalism grad who kicked things off in the music industry after college. Once I grew tired of writing about sound equipment and interviewing bands (yeah, being around musicians gets tiresome), I went into finance. Then real estate admin. But I wasn’t feeling fulfilled; I needed to get creative. Eventually, finally, I brought my passion for writing, photography, cooking, and food to one space and turned it into a full time gig. (You’re lookin’ at it!)

What kind of recipes will you find here?

Whether you’re a seasoned at-home cook or you’re just now dipping your toes in, I’m hoping to inspire you with feel-good eats. I want to offer smarter choices, healthier spins, and new ideas—all while keeping things approachable and delicious.

I spent a few years focusing on the pescatarian diet. So if you’re looking for ways to cook fish, I’m your gal! Some of my favorite pescatarian-friendly recipes include this Creamy Crab Bisque, this Moroccan-Spiced Rockfish, and this Pan-Seared Salmon With Apple Cranberry Sauce.

In 2018, I phased ethically sourced and humanely-raised meat back into the picture. In my mind, part of eating smart is also staying informed and knowing where my food comes from. I like to make sustainable and ethical choices when I can, and I like to support local, happy, and humane farms.

My most popular recipes!

These recipes have remained favorites for a long time:


Here are a few articles I’ve had published online:

Away from the blog.

Away from the blog, I can usually be found playing video games, reading, listening to 80s music or synthwave, snuggling my cat Tilly, brunching with my gal pals, and ugly-laughing while binging The Office with my husband.