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Hi! I’m Dana. Welcome to my food-centric space on the Internet where I share (mostly) wholesome, sustainable, and approachable recipes for home cooks that want to eat smart(er).

I’m a journalism grad with a healthy appetite for writing, a taste for culinary adventure, a thirst for good beers, and an endless hunger for food photography. Here, at Killing Thyme, I get to fulfill each of these passions.

My first big culinary “a-ha” moment hit me at age 10 when I added chopped bacon to my mom’s classic deviled eggs. Because, bacon and eggs. I thought I was a genius. I went on to burn an embarrassing amount of grilled cheese sandwiches before finding my footing in the kitchen, but I like to think successes come from failures—because here we are.

Where to start

Take a look through my recipe catalog to get a feel for things. You’ll find a variety of recipes, from crispy baked chicken cutlets to pan-seared salmon—as well as the odd beefy burger, for balance. My most popular dishes include a make-it-yourself Ramen bowl, Instant Pot tacos stuffed with lean ground turkey, and vegetarian stuffed peppers.

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While you’re here, you can also learn how to become a more responsible consumer when it comes to buying ethical meat and sustainable seafood.

How Killing Thyme got started

I launched Killing Thyme in 2012 as a hobby. I wanted an outlet where I could nourish the three hobbies I’m most passionate about—writing, photography, and cooking. I never intended to turn this blog into a full time business. But, slowly yet surely, it happened. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

5 random facts about me

♥ I’m an avid reader; I average about 4-5 books a month and my bookshelves are ~packed.

♥ I’m mom to a sweet little boy and a queen of a cat.

♥ I married my MMORPG sweetheart.

♥ If I’m not listening to Lana Del Rey or Japanese Breakfast, I’m stuck in the 80s and 90s.

♥ I’m shamelessly part of the OrangeTheory cult.

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