Who am I?

Just beet it. ABOUT 2

Hello! I’m Dana. Welcome to my food-centric space on the Internet where I share parts of myself, my passions and, of course, FOOD.

My background is a mixed bag, and I think that defines me pretty well. I’m a journalism grad who started writing in the music industry immediately after college. Once I grew tired of writing about sound equipment and interviewing bands (yes, it did get tiresome), I went into finance. Then real estate admin! And eventually, finally, I brought my passion for writing, photography, cooking, and food to one space and turned it into a full time gig.

When it comes to cooking, I continue to be a mixed bag. My blog reflects my 80/20 lifestyle: 80% of the time I’m eating healthy food and making smart choices, and the other 20% of the time I’m stuffing greasy pizza into my pie hole and making my chicken wings nosedive into a vat of blue cheese. I don’t believe in food shaming, but I like to encourage people to make smart choices when cooking and eating. 

Welcome to moderation! It’s a good place.

Part of eating smart, for me, is also staying informed and knowing where your food comes from. Make sustainable and ethical choices when you can; try to support local, happy, and humane farms.

Away from the blog, I can usually be found slurping Ramen, brunching with my gal pals, playing video games, reading, listening to 80s music, snuggling my cat Tilly, and binging The Office (on repeat) with my husband.

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