Need help meal planning? Here are 13 Instant Pot pasta recipes you can make—even on busy weeknights!

Pasta dinner, all week long.

Remember when pasta night was reserved for Sundays? From-scratch meatballs would simmer away in homemade sauce on a low all afternoon and we looked forward to is so much.

Because as far as weeknight pastas went, options were pretty limited: think boxed mac and cheese. Which, of course, serves as a treat once in a while. (I’m no stranger to shoveling boxed mac and cheese into my gullet straight from the pot.)

But now, thanks to gadgets like the Instant Pot, we have the ability to throw a few ingredients into one contraption and come out with a full blown Sunday-worthy pasta dinner. And I am here for it.

Since you’re reading this, so are you, I’m guessing. So let’s get to it: here are 13 Instant Pot Pasta recipes to add to your rotation.

Overhead shots of pasta primavera in bowl, and in Instant Pot.

4 Meatless Monday Instant Pot Pastas:

  • Pasta Primavera. This perfect springtime pasta brings herbaceous flavors to your bowl along with tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, bell pepper, and broccolini. The kicker? It’s ready in less than 30.
  • Lemon Asparagus Pasta. A creamy and dreamy bowl of pasta is a little more guilt-free when brimming with fresh greens like asparagus and peas. The perfect vegetarian indulgence!
  • Penne alla Vodka. A popular dish when dining out in Italian restaurants. Now, imagine recreating it at home, in your Instant Pot, in less than half hour. 
  • Instant Pot Taco Pasta. This recipes strays from Italian flavors to warm you up with a Mexican spin. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up with a bowl of pasta tossed with hearty beans, veggies, and melty cheese?

Overhead shot of broccoli and cheddar mac and cheese in bowl and in Instant Pot.

4 Easy Cheesy Instant Pot Mac Options:

  • Broccoli Cheddar Mac and Cheese. Broccoli and cheddar do better together. And it’s obvious in this rich mac. 
  • Mac and Cheese. This classic mac is ready in less than 15 minutes and can be adapted to suit vegetarians, vegans, and those looking for a gluten-free option!
  • White Cheddar Mac and Cheese. Because sometimes you just need to swap your regular ol’ cheddar for some white cheddar. The difference is noticeable and delectable.
  • Instant Pot Hamburger Helper. Because why wouldn’t we want to revisit this childhood fave? It’s rich, filling, and oh-so-cozy.

Overhead shot of creamy tomato pasta with ground turkey in bowl, and in Instant Pot.


5 Filling Instant Pot Pastas For the Carnivores:

Hope you enjoy!

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