This seasonal produce guide offers a list of in-season produce from January through to December, plus recipes to use them with!

Header photo of fresh produce.

Welcome to My Seasonal Produce Guide!

Cooking seasonally is the goal for a lot of home cooks and small locally-owned restaurants. Not only does in-season produce taste better and fresher, but it gives you the best bang for your buck when shopping. It also offers more nutrients. Although eating packaged frozen produce is absolutely healthy and totally okay (I do it all the time!), some nutrients are lost during the blanching process. With that, you’re definitely getting the most out of fresh produce when you consume it. I hope this guide is helpful to anyone looking for inspiration to buy what’s in season and cook seasonal dishes!

Spring Produce Guide

Spring is such a rejuvenating time of year. You can start planting, things start blooming, and the urge to step away from heavy comfort foods to eat fresh is strong. If you’re a seasoned gardener and time things properly, you can even reap the benefits of frost-tolerant spring veggies, like broccoli, radishes, greens, and peas. Here’s what’s fresh throughout the Spring months:




Summer Produce Guide

Summer is definitely the most popular season for fresh produce. Farmers Markets are thriving with tomatoes and peppers, and berry patches are open to the public for picking. It’s impossible to ignore the bounty that’s available! Here’s what’s fresh throughout the summer months:




Fall Produce Guide

As the days get shorter and a chill forms in the air, our souls need the comfort of some heartier produce, like winter squash and potatoes. Not to mention the cozy aromas and flavors of spiced apples. Fall definitely has its trademarks! Here’s what fall has to offer as far as produce goes:




Winter Produce Guide

Winter doesn’t seem like it should offer much as far as fresh fruits and veggies go, but surprisingly, there are a lot of great things in season throughout the winter months! Citrus is a favorite in this house. Here’s what you can look forward to: