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Fisherman’s Huevos Rancheros


This recipe is all about bringing fabulous things together:

  • Sardines and Tapatio® hot sauce, and
  • Huevos Rancheros and Fisherman’s Eggs.

I know, I know — I’m excited, too!

If you’ve never had Huevos Rancheros before, or “Ranchers Eggs”, that means you’ve never had the pleasure of sinking your fork into a crispy tortilla topped with silky yokes and warm salsa, and my heart aches for you. The good news is you can create this gem in the comfort of your own home in 30 minutes or less.

Huevos Rancheros is a classic brunch-y dish served on rural Mexican farms, but since brunch has exploded in North America over the last decade, you’ve probably noticed it on the menu at your local trendy brunch joint.

I couldn’t pinpoint an origin for Fisherman’s Eggs — which is a baked mix of sardines, garlic, shallots, and eggs — but if I were to guess… it’s a hearty no-frills breakfast that fishermen fill up on to warm their bellies before hitting the chilly docks.

Seems legit.

With that said, this recipe compliments Killing Thyme and the pescetarian diet beautifully; it brings together two important meals that fuel the individuals who put fresh grown veggies and sustainable fish onto our plates.

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Hoisin Shrimp and Cashew Lettuce Cups


Lettuce cups: the first time I’d heard of them, I was incredibly unenthused. It sounded like a sad attempt at making an exciting low-carb snack. But, since I’m a believer in the “Don’t knock it ’til you try it” rule, I tried them anyway and I was soon eating my own words because they. were. incredible.

But you don’t have to be experimenting with the low-carb lifestyle in order to enjoy these crave-worthy Hoisin Shrimp and Cashew Lettuce Cups. They’re crisp, refreshing, and brimming with big juicy shrimp and toasted cashews tossed in a lip-smacking sauce made up of hoisin, honey, and ginger.

Needless to say, these bad boys are a total crowd-pleaser. So if you’re still scratching your head over what kind of nosh to offer up at your Labor Day cookout, look no further.

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Grilled Ahi Tuna With Cherry Salsa

Uh, I can’t stop eating cherries.

Much like everyone else, I get incredibly excited over seasonal fruit.

Last month, I just couldn’t get enough blueberries; I ate them, I drank with them, and it was fabulous. This month, it’s all about my mad love for the highly anticipated ruby-hued cherry.

I’ve always been partial to cherry-flavored treats — freeze pops, fruit snacks, gummies — whatever the delicacy, red has forever been my jam. But over the years my tastebuds have matured, and now I’ll take a bowlful of actual cherries over that junky stuff any (and every) day of the week.

It was while snacking on these beauties last week when I got caught up in thinking about creating a fun and seasonal dish for the blog… and that I should probably save some of my cherries in order to do so.

(I didn’t save any. I had to buy another huge bag.)

I couldn’t bring myself to bake anything with them, however. I wanted to do something exciting — something unexpected! I wanted to bring something savory to life with these sweet ‘n juicy gems.

And I just happened to have a beautiful fillet of Ahi tuna to work with. Aw yissss.

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Pan-Seared Cod in Herb and Garlic Butter Sauce With Pesto Pasta


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Oh my cod.

Can we get that hashtag trending, please? #OhMyCod!

These are basically the words that escaped my mouth upon digging into this refreshing summer-inspired bowlful.

When we think of seafood pasta, we think of sweet scallops and clam shells nestled into a saucy nest of noodles; we think of plump shrimp being speared and twirled with pasta at the mercy of a fork and spoon; rarely, if ever, do we think about a fillet of fish being flaked across our spaghetti.

Until now.

This tender wild-caught Pacific cod is pan-seared to perfection in a lip-smacking herb and garlic butter sauce, then served over a pile of creamy pesto pasta, and it’s totally off the hook.

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Mediterranean Mackerel Protein Wrap


Friends, this wrap is everything.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of canned tuna. For one, most canned tuna isn’t sustainable, and though there are sustainable options available, they’re priced to deter people from buying them. Secondly, tuna gets real boring real fast. Unless you drop a generous amount of mayo into your tuna salad — which kind of defeats the purpose of eating tuna for its health benefits — the stuff can often seem dry, tasteless, and downright hard to swallow.

Instead, picture this: tender North Atlantic mackerel marinated in buttery olive oil with garlic, herbs de Provence, red bell pepper, and sliced olives. Dreamy, huh? That’s exactly what you get when you pull the foil back on King Oscar’s Royal Fillets of Mediterranean-Style Mackerel — and that’s exactly what you get in this crave-worthy wrap.

Packed with a hearty lot of protein and a fair balance of carbs, this wholesome lunch option brings King Oscar’s tender and tasty Mediterranean-Style Mackerel Fillets to your plate with crisp veggies and a cooling mint yogurt sauce which, if needed, can be swapped for hummus or tzatziki. You do you.

As if all of that wasn’t enticing enough, King Oscar is big on sustainability and the health of our oceans! Their North Atlantic mackerel is considered a lower food chain forage species and doesn’t pose the same concerns as larger predatory Spanish and King mackerel varieties. Additionally, because mackerel reproduce and mature expeditiously, the species is resilient to fishing pressures and fishing methods (mostly purse seines) resulting in lower by-catch and environmental impact.

So tuna, take a back seat! Better yet, throw yourself in the trunk…

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