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Mediterranean Mackerel Protein Wrap


Friends, this wrap is everything.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of canned tuna. For one, most canned tuna isn’t sustainable, and though there are sustainable options available, they’re priced to deter people from buying them. Secondly, tuna gets real boring real fast. Unless you drop a generous amount of mayo into your tuna salad — which kind of defeats the purpose of eating tuna for its health benefits — the stuff can often seem dry, tasteless, and downright hard to swallow.

Instead, picture this: tender North Atlantic mackerel marinated in buttery olive oil with garlic, herbs de Provence, red bell pepper, and sliced olives. Dreamy, huh? That’s exactly what you get when you pull the foil back on King Oscar’s Royal Fillets of Mediterranean-Style Mackerel — and that’s exactly what you get in this crave-worthy wrap.

Packed with a hearty lot of protein and a fair balance of carbs, this wholesome lunch option brings King Oscar’s tender and tasty Mediterranean-Style Mackerel Fillets to your plate with crisp veggies and a cooling mint yogurt sauce which, if needed, can be swapped for hummus or tzatziki. You do you.

As if all of that wasn’t enticing enough, King Oscar is big on sustainability and the health of our oceans! Their North Atlantic mackerel is considered a lower food chain forage species and doesn’t pose the same concerns as larger predatory Spanish and King mackerel varieties. Additionally, because mackerel reproduce and mature expeditiously, the species is resilient to fishing pressures and fishing methods (mostly purse seines) resulting in lower by-catch and environmental impact.

So tuna, take a back seat! Better yet, throw yourself in the trunk…

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California Roll Noodle Bowl

Just over a decade ago, I used the California Roll as a means to dip my toes into the sushi waters before diving head first into the good stuff — like ikura and toro.

These days, I take a hard pass when it comes to this Americanized rendition of sushi — one that chefs from L.A. and Vancouver dispute over for credit. But there’s no denying that the flavor profile is enticing and refreshing, and it’s one that I like to appreciate in its own way.


Away from the sushi menu.

When you bring crisp spiralized cucumber to a bowl with chilled vermicelli noodles, creamy avocado, nori strips, and imitation crab, you end up with a refreshing noodle salad that is summer lunch perfection.

And let’s face it: if there’s ever a reason to use imitation crab, it’s in a California Roll-inspired dish. Most sushi joints use imitation crab in their California Rolls because it’s cost efficient. This is why the California Roll is a fraction of the price of  a quality salmon, tuna, and scallop rolls. So, for the sake of being true to something that is untrue…

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10-Minute Cheese Ravioli With Lemon Basil Butter Sauce

Cheese ravioli: pillows of tender pasta packed with fluffy ricotta. Talk about a thing of beauty.

This is why I have a hard time tossing my cheesy rav in a heavy and overpowering tomato sauce. Don’t get me wrong — I *love* a good tomato sauce — but when it comes to delicate ricotta-stuffed ravioli, it’s all about a light and seasonal butter sauce boasting seasonal flavors. (Dreamy sigh.)

Back in the fall, I was head-over-heels with this Mushroom Ravioli in Brown Butter and Sage Sauce. But that’s a recipe for the darker and cooler months. Basil and lemon put a bright spin on things and it’s JUST what your summer menu needs. Pair it with a glass of your fave white wine, and you’ve got a chic 10-minute weeknight wonder that tastes like a carefully-planned posh Sunday meal.

It is oh-so-delizioso.

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Blueberry Banana Oat Crumb Muffins

I had a completely different post scheduled for today. But then I made these muffins and changed my plan at the last minute in a fit of excitement because these. muffins. are. LIFE.

Nothing beats the smell of blueberries baking on a warm summer morning. Whether you’re incorporating them into pancakes or folding them into muffin batter, there’s something incredibly nostalgic about that warming berry aroma. And I had a strong hankering for that sense of nostalgia, so I decided that this was a great opportunity to make blueberry-filled muffins.

And to break up the army of brown bananas in my freezer.

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Gourmet Vegetarian Taco Hot Dogs

Since changing my diet up and going pescetarian, I’ve managed to find a plethora of ways to “fish-ify” several meaty faves; I’ve turned chicken piccata into tilapia piccata, jerk chicken tacos into jerk fish tacos, and steak salads into substantial shrimp salads.

But you just *can’t* fish-ify a hot dog.

Because of this, us pesces are left to go the vegetarian route — which isn’t uncommon since vegetarian dishes make up a large portion of the pescetarian diet. But having to settle for those mediocre soy wieners leave a lot to be desired.

Unless, of course, you jazz the HELL out of them.

These Gourmet Vegetarian Taco Hot Dogs are brimming with *so* many goodies, you can’t help but enjoy them and feel like your hot dog void has been filled.

(It’s really hard to talk about wieners and hot dogs without things getting weird.)

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