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Almond Cherry Oatmeal

Despite my current obsession with cherries, this cozy and belly-warming oatmeal lets the almond shine just as bright — if not brighter!

A few years ago, my sister-in-law introduced me to a signature Pittsburgh cookie that immediately turned me into an almond extract-obsessed monster: the Dusquesne Club Macaroon. If you’re from the Pittsburgh area, you’ve probably heard of it; if not, I can only *try* to explain this sweet treat in all of it’s glory.

With a delicately crisp eggshell texture on the outside and a soft and chewy texture within, the Dusquesne Club Macaroon is made up of a metric shit ton of almond paste, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and eggs. It might sound simple, but the technique behind it is anything but… unless you’re a seasoned baker.

Which I am not.

So I’ve found other ways to indulge in the magical essence of almond paste — like with  Blue Bell’s Bride’s Cake ice cream and with Method’s almond-scented hardwood floor cleaner. (Seriously, every time I clean the house it smells like Dusquesne Club Macaroons. It’s the small victories…)

And now, this toothsome oatmeal that is fit for royalty.

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Grilled Ahi Tuna With Cherry Salsa

Uh, I can’t stop eating cherries.

Much like everyone else, I get incredibly excited over seasonal fruit.

Last month, I just couldn’t get enough blueberries; I ate them, I drank with them, and it was fabulous. This month, it’s all about my mad love for the highly anticipated ruby-hued cherry.

I’ve always been partial to cherry-flavored treats — freeze pops, fruit snacks, gummies — whatever the delicacy, red has forever been my jam. But over the years my tastebuds have matured, and now I’ll take a bowlful of actual cherries over that junky stuff any (and every) day of the week.

It was while snacking on these beauties last week when I got caught up in thinking about creating a fun and seasonal dish for the blog… and that I should probably save some of my cherries in order to do so.

(I didn’t save any. I had to buy another huge bag.)

I couldn’t bring myself to bake anything with them, however. I wanted to do something exciting — something unexpected! I wanted to bring something savory to life with these sweet ‘n juicy gems.

And I just happened to have a beautiful fillet of Ahi tuna to work with. Aw yissss.

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Egg Noodles With Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto and Mushrooms

Not all that is pleasing to the palate is pleasing to the eye. Take chili or lentil curry, for example: they both look like sludge, but we gobble them up without hesitation because we know they’re flippin’ delicious.

This dish may not be sludgy, exactly, but I can tell you that tossing egg noodles with pesto and mushrooms isn’t a recipe for *gorgeous*. (It’s amazing what a few sprinkles of fresh chopped parsley can do, though!)

It is, however, a 15-minute wonder that is effortless, quick, and tasty AF. Just what some of you need as the hectic school year creeps up, and just what my husband and I needed after some exasperating travel late last week.

And when I say exasperating travel, I’m talking about re-routed flights that caused missed connections, customer service desk blowouts, and traveling another four hours North from our flight destination in tornado warnings.

At least we made it out alive?

But we were sapped. We’re still sapped.

I really wish trains were less expensive…

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Pan-Seared Cod in Herb and Garlic Butter Sauce With Pesto Pasta


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Oh my cod.

Can we get that hashtag trending, please? #OhMyCod!

These are basically the words that escaped my mouth upon digging into this refreshing summer-inspired bowlful.

When we think of seafood pasta, we think of sweet scallops and clam shells nestled into a saucy nest of noodles; we think of plump shrimp being speared and twirled with pasta at the mercy of a fork and spoon; rarely, if ever, do we think about a fillet of fish being flaked across our spaghetti.

Until now.

This tender wild-caught Pacific cod is pan-seared to perfection in a lip-smacking herb and garlic butter sauce, then served over a pile of creamy pesto pasta, and it’s totally off the hook.

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Blueberry Lemon Vodka Fizz


If any friend of mine is looking at these photos, they’re probably pinching their eyes or squeezing their temples in a fit of hangover flashbacks. This glorious cocktail has become *the* summer drink in our household and, needless to say, people like to drink a lot of them. Or maybe I’m just super eager to top their glasses off so I can make sure they’re on my level. Whatever the case…

Every season seems to have it’s bev. Fall has us all cozied up with mulled wine and spiked ciders; in winter, we curl up with those dangerous bourbonated hot toddies; spring inspires us to revitalize and make use of floral notes (remember my Spiked Hibiscus Iced Tea?); and summer has us quenching our thirst with refreshing mixes, like this effervescent Blueberry Lemon Vodka Fizz.

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