The Best Turkey Burger


how to make

Prep Time: 10 Min

1 lb ground turkey 1/2 cup finely chopped red onion 1/4 cup Panko breadcrumbs 2 garlic cloves 1 egg 1 tsp sea salt 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp liquid smoke 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning 1/4 tsp cracked black pepper Fresh buns + condiments of your choice

Cook Time: 10 Min


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Mix the Ingredients


Pop the patty ingredients into a mixing bowl and, with clean hands, mix until well blended!

Form the Patties


Form four equal patties. Press a divot into the center with your thumb—this prevents the patties from shrinking. Refrigerate for 30 mins.

It’s Grillin’ Time


Cook the patties on the grill over medium-high heat for 4-5 mins per side, or until the patties register an internal temp of 160-165º F.

Dress It up & Enjoy!


The flavors in these patties will pair well with any and all of your favorite condiments!

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