Taco Grain Bowl With Crispy Chipotle Chickpeas

5651sharesShareTweetPinYummlyFlipboardEmailJump to RecipeBowl meals are kind of the best. You simply pile a bunch of ingredients that play well together into a bowl, curl up, hide under a blanket and mow down with ease without the worry of dropping food between your couch cushions. This post was supposed to go down differently, though. I spent Tuesday afternoon preparing, chopping, and cooking ingredients while recording a How-To video on making wonton potstickers, stuffing and folding 48 of those buggers only to have 43 of them fall apart on me as I cooked them. (I even tried four different cooking methods…) So yes, potstickers indeed. At least they remained true to their name. Despite feeling completely dejected after all of that work, things came through in the end. We ended up with a real gem. Taco Grain Bowl With Crispy Chipotle Chickpeas Before Christmas, I developed an affinity for crispy chickpea tacos. My husband and I hit up our fave taco joint every Tuesday for $2 tacos (serious bliss, my friends), but we became so obsessed with tacos that we started making our own on Thursdays. So, this past Wednesday afternoon, while feeling down in the dumps due to the recent and sudden passing of … Continue reading Taco Grain Bowl With Crispy Chipotle Chickpeas