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When discussing food, the words pre-packaged and frozen send our minds straight to the frozen food section of our big box grocery store; we think of corn dogs, sad pizzas and flimsy chicken fried steaks. But the times, they are a-changin’.

Maybe not where grocery stores are concerned, but as far as pre-packaged frozen meals go, positive things are happening. I learned this for myself upon opening my first delivery from Veestro late last year.

What is Veestro?

Veestro is a meal delivery service that offers high-quality chef-prepared meals that are organic, non-GMO and 100% plant-based; vegans, be excited. Options include entrées (breakfasts, lunches + dinners), desserts, soups and energizing juices that will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied — true story. I know, because I was fortunate enough to indulge myself.

There are plenty of folks these days whom find themselves intrigued by plant-based diets, but feel deterred because they have absolutely no idea where to start — and that is completely understandable. Ditching proteins and ingredients that you’ve lived on your entire life is intimidating as heck, and on top of that, some people just can’t be bothered to cook for themselves. Sometimes I need to remind myself of this — not everyone loves cooking…

And that’s where Veestro comes in.

How Veestro works.

Veestro offers a multitude of options in order to cater to people on as much of a personal level as possible — from people looking to create a full-blown meal plan to those looking for a simple + healthy cleanse.

As you can see, shopping with Veestro is easy peasy.

  • Take your pick. Browse through their mouth-watering collection of gourmet eats and hand-pick your faves from a la carte, or go with an already assembled package.
  • Your meal gets made. Once you’ve made your selection, Veestro’s chef is put to work, creating an organic plant-based meal to fill your belly and make you happy.
  • Dinner — on your doorstep! Depending on where you live (here’s a handy chart), Veestro’s eats will show up at your door within seven days — but probably sooner. Insulated in carefully packaged boxes, your food stays frozen throughout the entire trip.
  • Heat and eat. How thrilled you will be when you get home from a long day at work, kick off your shoes, plop yourself onto the couch and realize you have a tasty + nutritious meal in the freezer waiting to be heated. Hassle-free, you can be digging into adzuki spaghetti with veggie balls or hearty Latin stew in no time.

My experience.

Everyone thinks that when you work from home, life is super chill. That may be the case for some, but in my world it’s a little different. Between writing projects, creating recipes, styling food, photo shoots and all of that fun clean-up (oh, housework too), there are days where I just can’t find the time to make a solid lunch. So, having some Veestro meals stashed in my freezer was obviously a godsend.

My first meal, thus leading to my first impression, was the Tuscan Calzone. Because I was new to this revolutionary spin on frozen meals, I was skeptical at first — but good golly, Miss Molly — when I sunk my teeth into that thing, my skepticism took a hike. The vegan crust on this calzone is flaky AF. How is this a frozen meal? The calzone is stuffed with tangy sun dried tomato, yellow squash, zucchini, spinach, kalamata olives and non-dairy cheese. The ingredients taste fresh; I could even taste the squash. And the vegan cheese? As a lover of cheese myself, I have to admit, I wasn’t even mad at it. It was good.

The meal that stood out to me the most was the Red Curry With Tofu. I’m not even going to lie here. I was extremely hung over when I ate it, and it cradled me back to feeling human again with all of its hearty and belly-warming goodness. Truthfully, I’ve been pining for it since and it’s a little painful to talk about because I don’t have any in front of me right now, save for this photo.

Another tasty treat was the Johnny Appleseed juice blend of wholesome green veggies + fruits. It’s enriched with Sacha Inchi, which is a complete protein that contains all of the essential amino acids necessary to stay in good health. I downed it after a workout and it was super invigorating.

Last, but certainly not least, the Soba Noodles in Peanut Sauce. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post from yesterday.

You know you’re consuming quality, substantial ingredients when there doesn’t seem to be much there and yet it fills you up all the same. Flavor-wise, this peanut-y soba dish was just as good as any other I’ve ever had — restaurants included.
Whether you’re looking to phase yourself into a plant-based diet, or you’re already there and just can’t be bothered with cooking, I highly suggest skipping on take-out and giving Veestro a shot. You’ll likely be just as surprised with the quality of ingredients as I was — and a pleasant surprise it is!

Something else you may want to check out is Veestro’s recently launched 21-Day ‘Yes I Can’ program. With every 21-Day Kickstart Meal Pack, you also get weekly fitness challenges and wellness checklists from a holistic health and wellness coach.

For more on Veestro, hit up their Web site.

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