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Urban Accents may sound familiar to you. They’ve been volunteering themselves to be your “culinary wingman” for many years and have done great things with their exciting spice blends — all of which are small-batch blended with natural ingredients.

2016 has been a benchmark year for Urban Accents; they’ve been celebrating 20 years in the biz! But, instead of sitting pretty on their successes, they decided to get to work and challenge themselves further by stepping into what was unknown territory at the time: sauces.

(I mean, what better way to celebrate than by getting saucy?)

Everyone loves a fab cooking sauce, and that’s exactly what Urban Accents aimed for when they decided to take on the challenge of creating naturally flavored simmer sauces + vegetarian-friendly pizza sauces. 

If you know me, you know that I hold pizza in very high regard. For me, pizza is life; I could live off the stuff and never grow tired of it. Seriously. The most romantic thing my husband could ever possibly whisper into my ear is, “I just ordered pizza…”

(Did things just get weird?)

So, it goes without saying that I was *extremely* thrilled to be given the opportunity to test out and review three artisanal gems by a company that clearly cares about ingredients and flavor.

Urban Accents Artisanal Pizza Sauces



Four Pepper Pizza feat. Fire Roasted Arrabbiata Sauce

The first sauce my husband and I cracked open was the Fire Roasted Arrabbiata sauce; it had us at “spicy kick”. My husband and I love spicy food. So much, in fact, that we decided to go big and make a beautiful + fiery Four Pepper Pizza. Yes, you read that correctly — four peppers.

And it was everything we’d hoped and dreamed for.


First, let’s talk sauce.

The Fire Roasted Arrabbiata packs a nice punch. I’d say it’s moderately spicy making it easy for everyone to enjoy. If your family or circle of friends is divided by spicy-lovers and those who can’t take the heat, this sauce is a fair compromise. It’s not heat-focused, so it’s full of flavor. Additionally, because it’s packed with fresh ingredients, there’s some nice texture going on here. All that considered, this sauce would be equally great with pasta or as a dipping sauce for garlic bread.

Now, about that pepper medley.


We went all out and adorned this pizza pie with fresh + smooth mozzarella, sweet cherry peppers, spicy pepperoncini, hot banana pepper rings + crushed red pepper flakes.

Are we going to make this again? Yes.

Are we going to be using Urban Accents’ Fire Roasted Arriabbata sauce? Heck yes. 

Pesto + Mushroom Pizza feat. Manchego and Garlic Sauce


The second pizza we made was a white pizza using Urban Accent’s Manchego and Garlic sauce.

Along with spicy foods, my husband and I LOVE garlicky foods. As garlic lovers, this sauce delivered.

Now — if you’ve never had manchego, stop reading this and go to the cheese counter at your local market right now. Slice yourself a few slices, sit back down and continue reading this.

I’ll wait.

Okay, hi.

Now that you know the wonderful buttery-yet-slightly-crumbly texture of this mouth-watering Spanish cheese, you’ll understand why this sauce is so bomb. Manchego and garlic are on BFF status in my world — thanks to Urban Accents — and a thick + pillowy skillet pizza decked out with sauteed mushrooms, shallots, pesto, mozzarella, freshly grated manchego + microgreens resulted in nothing short of swoon-worthy.


Marguertia Pizza feat. Classic Chicago Sauce

Last, but certainly not least, the Chicago Classic — because sometimes you just want to chow down on something that is deliciously familiar.

This slighty herbaceous and wonderfully tangy sauce has so much more depth than your usual off-the-shelf pizza sauce and, best of all, it doesn’t taste tinny like most of them do. I definitely urge you to consider this stuff for your next pizza night in. It’s the perfect thing to slather over your pie shell when you’re in the mood for something more traditional — like Marguerita pizza.


My husband and I have been battling a nasty cold for weeks, so the first thing we did when we could *finally* taste food again was pop open that can of Urban Accent’s Chicago Classic sauce, slice up some soft fresh mozza, tear up some fresh basil and rub our hands together with glee as the pizza baked in the oven.

This sauce is versatile and would go great with any of your fave pizza toppings.

If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the first two; if you’re hankering the classics, the last sauce is a guaranteed win.

To indulge in some of Urban Accents’ goodies, check out the store locator on their Website. You’ll be a happy camper.

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