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For a lot of us, the most anticipated moment of the week is Friday between 4-5pm; the second most anticipated moment is whenever that first cocktail hits our lips. Getting through a work week is worth celebrating — but doing it right counts for something, and a good alcohol is key.

These bottles here? They’re not just a pretty face…


Prairie Organic is “handcrafted with respect from seed to glassand that’s evident when someone like me, who normally doesn’t sip alcohol straight, can do so. These gems are a total win when it comes to taste and quality; the fact that your bar cabinet will look incredible with these chic bottles on display is a bonus.

The vodka.

#RealTalk: a good vodka shouldn’t smell (or taste) like it’ll remove your nail polish. A good vodka should have a light aroma and should feel clean on the palate with little to no aftertaste.

My drink of choice these days is the Vodka Lemon Club — a handful of ice, vodka, Club Soda and freshly squeezed lemon juice. It doesn’t get any more refreshing than that. Because there aren’t any interrupting flavors in this drink, bad vodka vibes can’t be masked.


I was thrilled with how this vodka came through. It was easy to sip (maybe a little *too* easy), and I definitely rank this vodka with the pricier high-end brands. The kicker us that a bottle of this stuff goes for around $20 for 750ml. So, you can guess which vodka I’ll be buying from now on.

Stepping away from the clean and light, I later used the vodka in an exciting round of classic Canadian Caesars.



If you’re unfamiliar with the Caesar, first and foremost, I’m sorry. Just picture a Bloody Mary… but better.

There are several important elements to a Caesar, but in my house I need them all:

  • Vodka
  • Clamato juice
  • Horseradish
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Dill pickle brine
  • Tobasco sauce
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Rimmer (celery salt or Old Bay work best)

These  over-the-top drinks are usually served with a skewer adorned with savory goodies like shrimp, candied bacon, pickles, olives — some places even go to the extent of decorating them with sliders and hardboiled eggs. (Crazy Canadians.) Caesars are *kind of* a big deal, and in the great North, we absolutely love them.

I’m excited to report that my Southern American squad loves them, too.

The gin.

I love me a dirty martini, so it goes without saying that I’ve never messed around with gin; you get the good stuff, or you don’t get it at all. Gin *does* have a reputation for smelling and tasting like Christmas trees, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Gin gets its distinct flavor from juniper berries, which aren’t really berries at all; they’re conifers — like pine cones! So that kind of explains the flavor profile and that whole Christmas-y thing. But dang, is it ever good in the right mix. This gin certainly carries that juniper flavor, but it’s not overwhelming in the least. It’s actually quite lovely.

To try this beauty out, I created a Blackberry + Sage Gin Fizz that gave me a total “oh my god” moment.



The original plan was to do something with fresh cherries, apples and sage, but I couldn’t find any fresh cherries at the market. Boo. Luckily I was able to come up with a pretty decent ‘Plan B’ that involved these juicy little blackberries. I’d never paired blackberries and sage before, but I had a feeling it would work. Sage brings true fall flavor to just about anything, black berries are tart and gin is earthy.


The combination worked swimmingly. This gin is win, and I’m more proud to be a gin girl than ever.

Move over, Bombay Sapphire .

So, my overall thoughts?

The empty bottles of Prairie Organic sitting on my kitchen island say it all — my chums and I are big fans.

To grab yourself a bottle of Prairie Organic, check out the Prairie finder on their Website. You’ll be a happy camper.

Make sure to check out Prairie Organic on Instagram.

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