Holiday Cookie Exchange Feature

1. Cinnamon Vegan Cookies from She Eats – If you’re not currently familiar with this blog, you’re totes missing out. Go! Now!


2. Ginger Molasses Cookies from The Busy Baker – It tickles me to call this gal a blogging buddy. I mean, look at these suckers! She knows where it’s at.


3. Peanut Butter Reverse Chocolate Cookies from Homemade & Yummy – This is some kind of serious cookie voodoo magic right here.


4. Holiday Baking Shortbread from Alisha Enid – Because shortbread throughout the holidays is a must.


5. Coffee Petite Madeleines by Sugar Loves Spices – You can eat these in the morning because there is coffee in it, right? Okay, good.


6. Vegan Meringue Cookies from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken – If these delicate dollops of joy don’t impress your peers, then nothing in life will – so ditch’em.


7. Almond Cookies with Almond Cream &/or Chocolate from The Cookie Writer – If it’s from The Cookie Writer then it’s GOT to be legit!



8. Almond Supreme Cookies [Grain-free] from Swirls and Spice – So many almonds! So much crunch! In the words of the basic white girl…I can’t even.



9. Coconut Shortbread Cookies + Easy Cookie Glaze from In Search of Yummyness – Well, if you too are searching for yummyness, search no more. Just click the link.


10. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies from Cynful Kitchen – The best of both in the cookie world colliding into one.


11. Chocolate Mint Black Bean Cookies + Mexican Chocolate Spiced Black Bean Cookies with Cherries from The Taste Space – Double the noms! Treat your cookie exchange pals with two mouth-watering variations!


12. Chocolate Cinnamon Heart Cookies [Vegan] from Emma Eats – I can definitely see it being easy to get a heart on for these cookies.


13. White Chocolate Pistachio Cookies from Officially Gluten Free – She had me at pistachio, guys.


14. Pecan Polvorones from Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen – Baking with rosemary? Yes, please!


15. Black & White Cookies with Orange Marmalade from I Say Nomato – These just look and sound delicious, folks.